Invention vs Innovation – the constant clouding


Invention vs Innovation is something that many people are constantly clowding. What’s interesting is hearing how people see the difference between innovation and invention.

This started off by a post by Mike Masnick, of TechDirt, on Why the Segway failed. Clearly the Segway and it’s ability to maintain balance through computer programming was a step forward in innovative history. But what happened? The Segway didn’t move forward due to innovation.

I posted Masnick’s article on Twitter (what can I say? I liked it). It spread, like any tweet, and Brandon Kelley picked it up, pointing me to an interview he did with Dean Kamen. The interview, I think, was about innovation…about half way through, they went into a spew how Kamen’s company is innovating, which I feel is slightly off, but on track. They touched briefly on the Segway and Kamen’s feeling on it. Kamen’s point was simple – society needs to change. This simply is incorrect.

The point of innovation is actually adapting technology to the market needs. Insulin pumps clearly had a medical need. However, judging from this description a “big blue brick” clearly did not have a market need. Kamen mistook the insulin pump as a need that people needed to adapt to.  But what actually happened was innovation: the pump changed. It became more practical to use. Today, it’s as simple as a quick shot, which you can hide in your pocket until the time of need. The original need, an insulin pump, never changed. If you attempted to release it again, as a “big blue brick” it would, again, be rejected by society. The market didn’t change. The invention didn’t change. It was innovation that changed the way the invention worked to make it more market savvy.

Innovation isn’t about changing society. It’s about the invention changing to society’s needs. It’s about the invention adapting to become something society will accept, often by becoming more compact/portable or simple more affordable.

Back to the Segway — it was clearly an inventive step forward, but it didn’t meet any market needs. Who needs to pay five grand to stop walking? Who needs to pay five grand to walk 12mph? Motorcycles cost less than the Segway.

The invention — the ability for a computer to self collaborate equilibrium and maintain balance — was an amazing step forward. But the innovation, a wanna-be scooter (?) … an alternate method of walking (?), clearly did not meet any market needs. And so, this is why it didn’t make any headway.

Spam sucks — especially when they masquerade as you…


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If you’re here due to spam, it most definitely was not me. I hate when people use my email address and my domain for spam. Unfortunately, There’s nothing I can do about it. /cry

I do not support spam in any way. These spammers just happen to locate some email address that has worked on some mailing list and use that as their “From:” email address with some random name. Due to the design of the SMTP protocol, there isn’t anything I can do about it. So, just delete the email and please, don’t black list me. ;)

New blog theme; ist gute?


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I decided to change the theme up a bit. I found this one; not too bad, although I’m not 100% satisfied. I plan to make a few updates here and there to get it just the way I like it.

My biggest peeve is only one post is shown on the front page. I really would like to have at least two, maybe three. I do like the sidebar posts, tagged with my Twitter updates. It makes a perfect spot for those. Not to mention the solid empty bar at top.

I’ve went through so many themes … it was a pain. To be honest, this was the best of them but yet … it’s still not working right. Ugh!

Update: Okay, I think I’ll stick with this one for now. It’s cleaner and easier to grasp. I might, however, change the header mountains graphic one of these days.

The Horven


The HorvenThe Horven. A new species of bird released in the wild, developed by cross breading a raven with a pony (no horses were harmed in the making of this creature. After all, ponies aren’t real horses…)

And he said onto them: let there be photos!


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I’ll be the first to admit, my blog was pretty bland without any pictures or images. I did intentionally build the blog like that to keep the load down, and easier on the browsers, but lets face it: it’s just a page full of text. And like most people, you hate just a page full of text.

To rectify that, I’ve installed a new plugin called Photo Dropper which allows me to pull in photos from Flickr and drop (duh?) them right into me posts. Now, you have something to look at while reading me posts. Yay! I know you’re excited; don’t try to hide it!